Resource Guide

The journey to homeownership may seem daunting but just follow these easy steps below to ensure a painless and exciting process. We also have listed lenders who we work closely with and trust to answer all your questions about financing.

Take Each Step, One At A Time

1. Pre-Qualify

Shop with confidence since you’ll know how much you can realistically afford. 

2. House Hunt

Discuss your must-haves with one of our agents. Let us help find your dream home

3. Find The One

Once we have found the one, we will prepare all the necessary documents and disclosures. 

4. Submit Application

Provide updated financial documents, Purchase and Sales Agreements to the Financing Institution.

5. Processing

The financing institution organizes your updated information and orders appraisal report.

6. Underwriting

Your loan application file is reviewed and verified; conditional approval is issued by the financial institution.

7. Get Insured

Obtain a Homeowners Insurance policy from the provider of your choice.

8. Don't Delay

Provide any additional conditions and documents as soon as possible or your closing could be delayed.

9. Clear To Close

Title and application files are in order and your closing date is set. Arrange for transfer of utilities at closing. 

10. Welcome Home

After your final walk-through and closing documents are signed, get ready to move in!

Trusted Bank Lenders

Below is a list of trusted lenders from local banks who we believe can answer all your financing questions and help you begin your journey to owning a home.

First Community

Loan Officer at First Community Bank

(304) 431-9075

Carmen Parks

Loan Officer at BB&T

(304) 487-5900

Dewey Carr

Loan Officer at MCNB

(304) 425-3000

Deborah Sargent

Loan Officer at New Peoples Bank

(304) 487-9800

Eric Stovall

Loan Officer at Summit Bank

(304) 431-5809

Jane Price

Loan Officer at City National Bank

(304) 255-7230

Trusted Mortgage Companies

Below is a list of trusted lenders from local and regional mortgage companies.  Mortgage companies often offer a variety of mortgage products outside of your traditional financing options.

Seth White

Loan Officer at Movement Mortgage

(276) 522-0282

Jamey Roberts

Loan Officer at RMS

(540) 808-1980

Cindy Jones

Loan Officer at Prime Lending